3 products that save my skin

Since my overzealous immune system attacks the glands that provide moisture to my skin, I’ve tried quite a few products that claim to put an end to flaky, tight, itchy skin. Most of them have failed, but here are 3 that I’ve found to actually make a difference, all made with ingredients I feel good about putting on my skin every day. Plus, they’re fragrance free and safe for super-sensitive skin.

A quick note: I have a strong preference for products that sink in quickly and keep my skin comfortable but not sticky. If you prefer a heavier feeling moisturizer, this list is probably not optimally helpful for you!

Griffin Remedy Omega-3 UNscented Skin Food ($12)

This might be my holy grail of body lotions. It feels light, absorbs cleanly and quickly, and actually keeps my skin feeling moisturized for a full 24 hours. I used to get so flaky and itchy, especially in winter, and this is the only natural, fragrance-free lotion I’ve found that can keep the itchiness at bay. (They also make scented versions, if that’s your thing.)

Robathol Bath Oil ($16)

This cottonseed-based bath oil disperses in water, so it actually makes contact with all of your skin instead of floating around in little droplets, and it provides enough moisture that if I’m in a rush I can usually get away without lotion for a day. You can use it either in the bath or in the shower, though I find the bath option slightly more effective. It also doesn’t make the tub as slippery as other bath oils I’ve tried, and a less terrifying tub exit is an appealing bonus.

Dr. Bronner’s Naked Organic Lip Balm ($3)

Confession: I hate scented lip balm. I just don’t want to be constantly tasting vanilla or strawberry or anything, and I ESPECIALLY don’t want my evening wine tasting like lip balm. I’ve tried a lot of lip balms over the years—conventional and natural, scented and not—and this is by far the most pleasant to use and most effective. It applies smoothly, is a good size to stuff in my pocket, and really, really works. It’s ruined me for every other lip balm. (No, really—last week I went into a Whole Foods solely to buy some, because I’d somehow forgotten mine and my wife was carrying an inferior lip balm and that just would not suffice.)

Bonus: NOW Solutions Certified Organic Jojoba Oil ($17)

Add a couple of drops of this to your face or body lotion to provide even better protection. An 8 oz bottle will last basically forever.

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