3 Products that Save Me Spoons

Thanks to medication and lifestyle changes, my health is SO MUCH BETTER now than it has been in years. But that doesn’t mean I get to forget about my illness or that I have spoons to waste. (If you’re not familiar with spoon theory, you can read about it here, but in short: spoons = energy units, and people with chronic illnesses are working with fewer spoons than healthy folks and have to use more of them than a healthy person would.) So here are 3 products that I use to save my spoons.

Fancy shower stool (by DecoTeak)

Ok, so this shower stool is way pricier than pretty much any of the common plastic-and-steel varieties available. But here’s why it’s worth it to me: this stool doesn’t make me feel like a sick person. It looks nice and blends in with the rest of our bathroom, plus it’s comfortable. It feels more like an indulgence than an accommodation. And because of that, I use it even when I don’t “have” to, which means it saves me spoons. That’s a win.

Sun hoodie (by Ex Officio)

Thanks to my lupus (and the meds I take for it), I have to protect my skin from all UV rays, so I have a solid investment in sun-protective clothing at this point. But these hoodies from Ex Officio are a favorite, because they cover so much with so little effort: they even protect the backs of my hands, and the hood is large enough that if I pull it up and look down, I can keep my face out of direct sun. So, these are what I grab when I need to run out for just a quick minute and don’t want to do my full sunscreen routine, and also pretty much any time it’s warm out and I can get away with something this casual.

Bioderma Sensibio H20 Micelle Solution

This stuff has a cult following for a reason: it removes makeup and cleanses even the most sensitive skin without irritation, with no rinse necessary. But the real reason this is a daily-use item for me is that I can keep a bottle of it and a stack of cotton pads on my nightstand, and y’all, I DON’T HAVE TO GET OUT OF BED TO WASH MY FACE. And even with my Sjogren’s-dry skin, it’s so gentle that I don’t need to put on a moisturizer before I go to sleep. What a world.

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